Sunlight Readable 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Display
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Sunlight Readable 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Display

Chenghao Display is an enterprise engaged in the research, production, and sales of tft display screen. It was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company places product and service quality first, constantly innovates, and improves its products and services, earning extensive customer support and trust. Chenghao Display Ch430WV21A-CT is a Sunlight Readable 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display. The company values talent development and has a highly-qualified team of employees. It constantly introduces new talent, establishes a sound training system and incentive mechanism, and inspires employees' innovation vitality and team collaboration spirit. The company adheres to the principle of "customer first, quality first," focuses on customer needs, continuously improves product quality and service levels, and has become a leader in China's LCD Display industry.


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Product Description

Introducing the CH430WV21A-CT, a 4.3 inch sunlight readable touch screen display from Chenghao Display. With a resolution of 480x800 dots and a contrast ratio of 800, thetouch lcd screenprovides crystal-clear images and visuals in all viewing angles.Featuring SPI, MCU, and RGB multi-interfaces, thistft touch display    can easily integrate with a wide range of devices. The CH430WV21A-CT is designed to withstand various temperatures, ranging from -20 to +70°C, making it highly dependable and durable for use in harsh environmental conditions.


Furthermore, thistft-lcd screenalso comes with a touch screen function that enables smooth, seamless human-computer interaction. Additionally, Chenghao offers customization services that allow customers to tailor the module's FPC, backlight brightness, TFT interface, and other features according to their needs.

Sunlight Readable 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Display

At Chenghao, our commitment is to provide our clients with high-quality, customizable, and cost-effective display solutions, and the CH430WV21A-CT is no exception. Contact our online customer service team to learn more about our products or to explore other similar display solutions that can meet all your requirements.


Sunlight Readable 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display Parameter (Specification)

Product No


Lcd Type



480*RGB*800 dots

Viewing Direction



600 cd/m2


Sunlight Readable 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display Feature And Application

Chenghao Display CH430WV21A-CT is asunlight readable tftdesigned and developed for installation in handheld scanners. It can be widely used in various devices that need to display color views, such as industrial control equipment, household appliances, medical instruments, consumer electronics, Handheld payment devices, etc.

Sunlight Readable 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Display


Sunlight Readable 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display Details

Keyword:small tft lcd display       

Module No:CH430WV21A-CT

Module Type:4.3” TFT+CTP

Resolution:480*RGB*800 dots

Display Mode:IPS/Transmissive/Normally Black

Viewing Direction:80/80/80/80

Luminance: 600 cd/m2

Touch Screen Type:Capacitive

Touch Screen Interface:I2C

Operating Temp:-20 ~ +70

Storage Temp:-30 ~ +80

Module Size:65.5*123.5*3.35 mm

Active Area:56.16*93.6 mm

Sunlight Readable 4.3 Inch Touch Screen Display



Q:What is the main product of Chenghao Display?

A:Chenghao Display specializes in the R&D, production, and sales ofTFT LCD screens.


Q:What is the company's main market?

A:The company's main market is European and American countries and regions.


Q:What is the warranty period for purchased products?

A:Chenghao Display provides a one-year warranty service to all its customers.


Q:Is technical support available after purchase?

A:Yes, the company offers remote online technical support to assist customers with any issues they may face.


Q:How long does it take for the products to be delivered?

A:The delivery period is usually 7-15 working days after the order confirmation.


Q:Where are the products shipped from?

A:The products are shipped from Shenzhen, China.


Q:What are the payment methods accepted by Chenghao Display?

A:The company accepts payments made through T/T.


Q:What is the minimum order quantity for purchasing products?

A:The minimum order quantity is only one piece.


Q:What is Chenghao Display's regular packing method for its products?

A:The company packs its products appropriately to ensure their safety. For small-sized products, they use tray + carton, and for bigger products, they use foam slot + carton. They also design packages according to customers' requirements.


Q:Can Chenghao Display customize packaging for customers?

A:Yes, the company can design packaging based on customers' specific requirements.

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