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Inspection and Quality Control

Quality Control

CHENGHAO is recognized by ISO9001 and ISO14001, meets the ROHS and other environmental rules in global markets.

*Incoming inspection – IQC

*Process quality control- PQC & LQC

At least 5pcs for the 1st inspection

Process quality control every 30 Minutes

*Finished production inspection - OQC

Function and appearance inspection

*Product tracking system

*Process Quality Control Standards

UL certificate for PCBs

Meet the rules of ROHS/REACH

Process quality control of semi-product and finished product


Test equipment and environment

Anti-static production

Clean room

X-ray test

*Key-points of quality inspection


Response speed

Operation speed

Black/white dot

Broken line


Backlight brightness

Backlight uniformity

*Reliability Test

Vibration test

ESD test

Tensile test

Bonding test

Brightness test

Drop Testing

Reliability testing

High temperature and humidity testing

Salt foggy testing