1.44 Inch Touch Screen Display

Chenghao is a modern lcd module manufacturer, providing wholesale customization 1.44 Inch Touch Screen Display services to customers all over the world. We not only have our own display screen manufacturing factory, but also our own technical engineers and professional sales team, which means that we can provide you with very cost-effective products and services. In the process of cooperating with you, our technical engineers will participate in your project together with customer service personnel, and provide professional technical advice and thoughtful service for your project. 

If our color TFT LCD Module is classified according to the shape and structure of the display area, our products include square TFT Display and circular TFT Display, the size is between 1.44 Inch Touch Screen Display, including TN TFT Module, IPS TFT Display , Touch Screen Display and Sunlight readable TFT display and so on.

Our products are widely used in all walks of life, such as aerospace, transportation, industrial manufacturing, home furnishing, medical equipment, etc. Similar applications include aircraft instrumentation, GPS navigation, POS machines, fuel dispensers, and rice cookers , coffee machines, Refrigerators, live broadcasters, and consumer electronics. A large number of cooperation cases prove that our Square TFT display still has the best performance even in the most challenging and complex environments. Trust us, whether your project is used outdoors or indoors, we can provide you with suitable solutions and personalized customization services.
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1.44 Inch TN TFT 128*128 8bit-MCU ST7735S 20 Pin with CTP

1.44 Inch TN TFT 128*128 8bit-MCU ST7735S 20 Pin with CTP

Chenghao display has a professional R & D team, advanced production equipment and strict quality control ability. We can provide customers with complete solutions and non standardized customization requirements. CH144QQ17A-CT is a 1.44 Inch TN TFT 128*128 8bit-MCU ST7735S 20 Pin with CTP, 8bit 8080 MCU interface, and with a Capacitive touch panel. It can be applied to various fields such as instrumentation, children's game consoles and intelligent wear. We expect to cooperate with you in the near future.

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Chenghao is one of 1.44 Inch Touch Screen Display manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy 1.44 Inch Touch Screen Display with price from our factory. We also provide you newest price list, quotation. Our products can be customized. If you need, our factory has in stock.For more info, welcome to contact us.
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