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Factory Strength

CHENGHAO OPTOELECTRONIC is a national high-tech enterprise which established in year 2015. We are committed to research and development, manufacturing and sales of LCD screens, touch screens and comprehensive display solutions.

Why Choose Chenghao?

As a professional LCD manufacturer, Chenghao Optoelectronic's Products.Have Passed CE, RoHS, FCC and ISO9001 Certification. Our headquarter is located in Bao'an, Shenzhen, and there are two production bases, one in Yongzhou, Hunan, and the other in Bao'an, Shenzhen.  Factory covers a total area of 21,500 m².


1.Up-to-Date Key Figures
Engineers : 25
Total Area: 21500 m²
Clean Room (CL. 1000): 8000 m2
Clean Room (CL.100) :1000 m2 (clean bench)
Office area : 3500m2
Production Capacity :2KK-3KK pcs per month
Warehouse : 3000 m2
Production Base - Bao'an, Shenzhen: This is another of our production bases for color TFT LCD screens, covering an area of about 1500 m², equipped with 2 full-automatic production lines for color TFT LCDs, and our sales and technical support center is also here.
Production Base - Yongzhou, Hunan: This is our largest LCD production base, covering an area of about 20,000 m², equipped with 5 color TFT LCD production lines and 2 monochrome LCD production lines.

2.Product Type
(1)Standard TFT LCD for various fields
  Square TFT Lcd For Smart Home and IoT
  Sunlight Readable TFT Lcd For Automotive Field
  Round TFT Display For Smart Wearable Device
  Touch Screen Display For Industrial Control Equipment
  IPS TFT Display For Face Recognition Device
  TN TFT Module For Instrumentation
  Lcd Touch Screen For Pos Machine
  Color LCD screen For Medical Equipment

(2)Custom TFT LCD For Professional equipment
More than 90% of our cooperative customers use our customized services. The customized contents of TFT LCD that we can provide are as follows:
  Lcd Grade: Industrial/Medical Grade/Consumer grade/ general commercial grade/vehicle specific

Chenghao Optoelectronic can provide different levels of displays according to the customer's equipment and application fields. For example, industrial-grade lcd modules will have longer service life, and consumer-grade lcd modules will have stronger anti-battery interference characteristics....

  Back Light (BL): 200~2000 cd/m2

Chenghao Optoelectronic can modify the brightness of the lcd backlight in the range of 200~2000 cd/m2 according to customer requirements, so that the lcd display can still be read normally under different light intensities.

  Operating Temp Range: -30~+80 ℃

LCD displays are widely used in various complex environments, such as industrial equipment with high temperature and high heat. LCD displays used in these specific equipment need to have stronger high temperature resistance. Chenghao Optoelectronic can design LCD displays that can work in the ultra-wide temperature range of -30~+80 ℃ for customers.

  FPC: Shape/Structure/Pin Number/Interface definition
Chenghao Optoelectronic can customize FPC for customers according to their project needs, The customizable content includes shape structure, interface definition(SPI、MCU、RGB、MIPI、LVDS), Pin Number, etc.
  Life Time Range: 20K~50K Hr
Industrial-grade LCD displays typically require a longer lifespan to maximize the value of the device.Chenghao Optoelectronic can increase the lifespan of LCD Display up to 50K Hr according to customers' actual needs.
  Touch Function: CTP/RTP、Touch cover design (shape, logo printing, punching)

All our tft lcd modules support the installation and removal of touch function, we can also customize the touch panel according to the customer's installation equipment, the customized content includes designing the shape of the touch panel, printing the logo, etc.

  Lens Surface Treatment: Anti-Glare/Waterproof/anti-oil optional/Touch all black effect
Liquid crystal displays are widely used in various fields, such as complex environments such as strong light and high humidity. We can do some treatment on the lens surface of TFT LCD display screen for customers, so that the lens surface of the display screen has the ability of waterproof, anti-glare and oil access.


Employee Training

As a fast-growing high-tech enterprise, Chenghao Optoelectronics will group each new batch of foreign trade salesmen into our LCD production workshop to learn the LCD manufacturing process. In this way, not only our foreign trade salesmen can have a better understanding of liquid crystal products, but also the latest liquid crystal manufacturing technology, which is vital for them to serve customers with a high level of business ability in their daily work.

Team Culture Building

Employees are the cornerstone of an enterprise's survival and the primary productive force of an enterprise. In order to better improve the overall quality and teamwork ability of employees, CHENGHAO OPTOELECTRONIC will regularly organize employees to carry out outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, hiking, picnics, etc.