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5.5 Inch Custom TFT Display

"5.5 Inch Custom TFT Display" is a type of color tft lcd display module with a 5.5 inch active display area. This type of display has the characteristics of wide temperature resistance, and can operate normally for more than 30000H in the environment of -20~+70℃. It usually has one or more bright spots, such as high brightness, free viewing angle, Sunlight readable, human-computer interaction, anti-glare screen ...

It is worth mentioning that, as a professional lcd/lcm manufacturer, Chenghao Display can provide customers with one-stop customization services about lcd/lcm, including but not limited to the shape customization of flexible circuit boards, the modification of backlight brightness, touch Glass cover design, TFT interface customization, etc.

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5.5 Inch Full HD Custom TFT Display

5.5 Inch Full HD Custom TFT Display

CHENGHAO OPTOELECTRONIC is a small size 5.5 Inch Full HD Custom TFT Display manufacturer and supplier, providing one-stop LCD solutions and supporting technical services for LCD users around the world. We have our own LCD module manufacturing plant and an experienced R&D team, which ensures that we can meet your special needs for products. At the same time, the status of the manufacturer enables us to save your cost to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring the product quality is reliable enough. If you are interested in our products, please contact us through the contact information on the website.

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Chenghao is one of 5.5 Inch Custom TFT Display manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy 5.5 Inch Custom TFT Display with price from our factory. We also provide you newest price list, quotation. Our products can be customized. If you need, our factory has in stock.For more info, welcome to contact us.