Advantages of TFT Display Module


In real life, we all have no contact with LCD display products. There are also many types of LCD display products, such as broken code screens, dot matrix screens, TFT screens, IPS LCD screens, etc. As far as the current market is concerned, TFT displays have the largest usage rate, so why are TFT displays so popular? Today Chenghao Display will take you through the advantages of TFT displays.

1. High responsiveness

The full name of TFT is Thin Film Transistor, which is thin film transistor. In an LCD display with this kind of module, each pixel is driven by a thin film transistor, which is a TFT, integrated at the back, so the responsiveness is very high, that is, Click to respond. Compared with LCD screens using other display modules, it has a higher responsiveness, which is commonly known as a more responsive screen.

2. High brightness

As we all know, compared with LEDs, LCD screens display through internal lighting, which contains light-emitting lamps. LCDs with TFT are no exception. However, it is technically optimized and uses an active matrix to drive it. Actively control the opening and closing of any point. When the light source shines over, the light is first transmitted through the polarizing plate, conducts the light through the liquid crystal molecules, and then changes the shading rate to achieve the purpose of display, so the brightness can be very high.

3. High contrast

TFT improves the flicker (water ripple) blur phenomenon of traditional LCD screens and improves the ability to play dynamic images. Compared with LCD screens such as STN, TFT has better restoration capabilities, color saturation and higher contrast. It can achieve excellent display effects such as 262K colors, 16M colors and 65K colors.

The advantages of TFT display screens are far more than these. A wide variety of resolutions, interfaces, brightness, and ease of development are all advantages of TFT displays. As a professional LCD manufacturer, Shenzhen Chenghao Display has a large number of TFT display module products for customers to choose from, and also supports on-demand customization. If you are looking for a reliable TFT Display Module supplier, you are welcome to contact us!