3.2 inch IPS TFT Display

"3.2 inch IPS TFT Display" is a color display module with a diagonal measurement of 3.2 inches in the display area, including a tft lcd panel, an FPC, a driver IC and a backlight assembly. This type of module belongs to TFT Lcd display, adopts IPS/Transmissive/Normally Black display mode, supports IPS full viewing angle, and can be applied in a wide temperature environment. Among them, FPC and backlight components are modifiable items, which can be modified and customized according to customer requirements.
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240×320 Pixels 3.2 Inch IPS TFT Display

240×320 Pixels 3.2 Inch IPS TFT Display

Chenghao Display - Your One-Stop Solution for 240×320 Pixels 3.2 Inch IPS TFT Display Chenghao Display is a leading manufacturer of LCD modules, providing R&D, production, and sales services for a wide range of products. The company's product line includes color TFT LCD modules, monochrome LCD modules, and OLED display modules, which are suitable for a variety of applications.CH320QV18A is a 240x320 Pixels 3.2 inch IPS TFT Display independently designed and produced by Chenghao Display for customers Chenghao Display operates an ISO9001-certified manufacturing plant, which is staffed with a professional team of R&D and sales personnel. The company's commitment to quality ensures that customers receive high-performance and reliable products.

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Chenghao is one of 3.2 inch IPS TFT Display manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy 3.2 inch IPS TFT Display with price from our factory. We also provide you newest price list, quotation. Our products can be customized. If you need, our factory has in stock.For more info, welcome to contact us.
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