6.2 Inch Touch Screen Display

"6.2 inch Touch Screen Display" is a full color lcd display module with a display area of 6.2 inches. The surface of the module is equipped with a touch panel (Capacitive/Resistive Touch Panel), which has a touch-sensing function, allowing users to perform intuitive operations with their fingers, including handwriting input, zooming, dragging, and so on. The LCD module installed with Capacitive touch panel also supports multi-touch technology, which means that users can operate from different angles, and the operation is more precise, providing users with a more intuitive, convenient and efficient operation experience.
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Custom 6.2 Inch Touch Screen Display

Custom 6.2 Inch Touch Screen Display

Chenghao Display aims to provide high-quality LCD modules at affordable prices to customers around the world. The company believes that value pricing is an important way to build customer trust and maintain long-term relationships.Chenghao Display CH620WV01A-CT is an automotive grade Custom 6.2 inch Touch Screen Display designed for foreign customers. Chenghao Display's LCD modules are designed and developed with customer needs in mind, and the company is committed to providing customized solutions to meet specific requirements. The company's advanced production equipment and strict quality control system ensure that every product is of the highest quality, regardless of the quantity produced.

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Chenghao is one of 6.2 Inch Touch Screen Display manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy 6.2 Inch Touch Screen Display with price from our factory. We also provide you newest price list, quotation. Our products can be customized. If you need, our factory has in stock.For more info, welcome to contact us.
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