2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 Inch Touch Screen Display
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2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 Inch Touch Screen Display

Shenzhen Chenghao Display is a professional LCD manufacturer, providing customers with LCD solutions and customized services. Our products include three categories: color LCD (tft LCD), mono LCD, and OLED Display. CH400WV22A-CT is a 2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 inch Touch Screen Display that we customize and produce for our customers. We have advanced LCD manufacturing equipment, a professional R&D technical team, and 24-hour online customer service, all of which are strong guarantees for us to provide high-quality service to customers. Since its establishment, the company has actively explored the global LCD market. To this day, we have served a large number of customers from developed countries in Europe and America. Our cooperation with them has not only resulted in us receiving a large number of orders, but also accumulated rich technical experience. We are confident in accepting LCD orders from around the world and look forward to providing you with satisfactory service.


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Product Description

Chenghao CH400WV22A-CT is a 2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 inch Touch Screen Display with a brightness of 350 cd/m2, capable of displaying a vertical screen of 480x800 pixels, and supporting IPS full view (85/85/85/85). Thanks to its wide temperature resistance design, the CH400WV22A-CT3.97 inch LCD displaycan operate normally in an environment of -20~+70℃, with a service life of over 30000 hours, and can be stored in an environment of -30~+80℃. The Capacitive touch panel installed on the surface of the display module uses I2C interface to communicate with external devices, supports Multi-touch, and is an important medium for human-computer interaction.

In addition, in order to better improve the compatibility of this3.97 inch tft LCD modulewith external hardware devices, some components of CH400WV22A-CT can be designed and customized according to customer requirements, such as the appearance design of FPC, BL adjustment, definition of TFT interface, design of touch tempered glass cover...


2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 inch Touch Screen Display Parameter (Specification)

Module No


LCD type

3.97’’TFT + CTP

Dot arrangement

480(RGB)×800 dots

Display mode

IPS / Transmissive / Normally Black

Viewing Direction


Module size

61(W)×102(H)×3.74(T) mm


2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 inch Touch Screen Display Feature And Application

Chenghao Display CH400WV22A-CT is a4 inch 480x800 tft LCDdesigned and customized for installation in POS machines. It can provide customers with CE and RoHS certification, as well as 12 months of warranty service. It can be widely used in various devices that need to display color views, such as smart coffee machines, printers, ultrasound machines, instruments, industrial detectors, car navigation equipment, etc


2 lane MIPI DSI 4.0 inch Touch Screen Display Details

Module Name:4 inch lcd screen

Module size:61(W)×102(H)×3.74(T) mm

TFT size:57.14(W)×96.85(H)×2.0(T) mm


Driver IC:TFT: ST7701S

CTP: GT911

CTP type:G+F+F mm

Interface TFT: 2-lane_MIPI DSI



Operating temperature:-20 ~ +70℃

LENS surface hardness:6H mm

LENS Viewing area:52.44(W)×87(H) mm


LCD type:3.97”TFT + CTP

Dot arrangement:480(RGB)×800 dots

Color filter array:RGB vertical stripe

TFT Active area:51.84(W)×86.4(H) mm

Dot pitch:0.108(W)×0.108(H) mm


Storage temperature:-30 ~ +80℃

Back Light:8 White LED

Weight:TBD g


Display mode:IPS / Transmissive / Normally Black

Viewing Direction:85/85/85/85



Q: I don't know what size of LCD to choose, can you help me?

A: Of course you can! You can directly tell us your needs (such as application devices, display effects, etc.), and our engineers will provide you with a suitable LCD solution according to your requirements.


Q: Do your products have MOQ restrictions?

A: NO! Most of our products will have a small amount of sample inventory, and you can contact our online customers for inquiries.


Q: Are you really anLCD manufacturer?

A: Yes! We have two LCD factories in China, one in Shenzhen and the other in Yongzhou, Hunan. We welcome you to visit our factory at any time.


Q: How to solve the problem encountered after purchasing your product?

A: If you encounter technical issues with the product, our engineers will directly communicate with you through remote online technical communication, and they will assist you until your problem is resolved. If you encounter a non-technical issue (such as transportation), our professional after-sales team will assist you in resolving your concerns.

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