3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module
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3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module

Chenghao 3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module is a top small size tft display manufacturer, which can provide customers with various specifications of tft lcd display between 1.1~10.1 inch. While ensuring product quality, chenghao can also provide you with very advantageous prices. Our products have been sold abroad for many years, and the main cooperative customers are concentrated in European and American countries. If you are also interested in our products and services, we will be very happy to communicate with you!


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Product Description

Chenghao is a small size color LCD display supplier, can provide various sizes of lcd modules between 1.1~10.1 inch. If you work with us, while we have a large selection of standard products, our team of engineers can also provide you with one-to-one customization services for your special projects.

In addition, all our standard products support the installation or removal of touch function, similar to the backlight, FPC shape structure, interface definition and other content can also be modified according to customer needs.

1. 3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module Introduction

Chenghao 320*480 Tft Lcd is a 3.5 inch TN TFT LCD Display Module with a one-year warranty. This Small Size Tft Display is mainly composed of tft lcd panel, driver IC, backlight and FPC.

The Tft Lcd Panel has a color display area measuring 3.5 inch diagonally and can display a picture with an aspect ratio of 480*320 pixels.
ST7796S is a driver IC used as a 3.5” tft display module, which is mounted on glass. By inputting RGB signals to the driver IC, the lcd panel can display 262K colors. It supports MIPI / RGB / SPI multi-interface.

If this 3.5” Tft Display Module does not meet your project needs, we have many similar products, such as 320*480 Tft Lcd, 3.5 Color Lcd Display, 3.5 Color Lcd touch screen...
You can obtain relevant information by browsing other products on the website, or you can also send us an email, and we will reply you as soon as possible after receiving the email.

2. 3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module Specification

Model No.


Number of dots


Viewing Direction

6 o’clock



Display Type


3. 3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module Feature And Application
chenghao 320*480 color lcd display is used in all walks of life, such as consumer electronics, medical equipment, industrial control display, instrumentation, etc.

4. 3.5 Inch TN TFT LCD Display Module Details

(1)LCM No. CH350HV16A
(2)Module Name: 3.5 inch color lcd module
(3)Manufacturer: Chenghao
(4)Supplier Type: Factory
(5)Warranty: one year
(6)Sales model: OEM
(9)LCD type :3.5”TFT

(10)Dot arrangement :320(RGB)×480 dots
(11)Color filter array: RGB vertical stripe 
(12)Display mode :TN / Transmission / Normally White 
(13)Viewing Direction: 6 o’clock 
(14)Driver IC :ST7796S 
(15)Module size :55.66(W)×85.04(H)×2.4(T) mm
(16)Active area :48.96(W)×73.44(H) mm
(17)Dot pitch :0.153(W)×0.153(H) mm
4-lines_8bit / 3-lines_9bit SPI
5-8-/ 9-/16-/18-bit 8080-series system interface
16-/18-bit RGB interface

(19)Operating temperature: -20 ~ +70 ℃
(20)Storage temperature: -30 ~ +80 ℃
(21)Back Light: 6 White LED in serial 
(22)Weight: TBD g

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