2.1 Inch Round Touch Screen Display
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2.1 Inch Round Touch Screen Display

Chenghao Optoelectronic is a professional 2.1 Inch Round Touch Screen Display manufacturer, which can provide all small size color LCD display modules including 1.1~10.1 inch. As a supplier specializing in display manufacturing for many years, chenghao has always adhered to the principle of service first to serve each of our customers. Today, many customers from all over the world have established long-term cooperative relations with us.


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Product Description

Chenghao Optoelectronic offers a wide variety of TFT Lcd Modules, including TN TFT Module, IPS TFT Display, Touch Screen Display, Square TFT display, Sunlight readable TFT display, Round TFT display and more. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the ready-made TFT LCD solutions we provide, we can also provide Custom TFT Display solutions for your project.
If you like our products and services, welcome to contact us, our customer service is online 24 hours a day!

CHENGHAO CH210WV01A-CT is 2.1 inch Round Touch Screen Display with SPI+RGB interface. It includes a touch panel, tft lcd panel, driver IC, backlight and FPC.※ Round TFT Lcd ※ 

The Touch Panel is a Round capacitive Touch Panel (CTP) that uses an I2C interface and supports multi-touch.

The TFT Lcd Panel has a circular display area with a diameter of 2.1 inch, which can display 480 (RGB) x480 resolution color images and supports 80/80/80/80 full viewing angles.※ 2.1 Round Touch Tft Lcd ※ 

The Back Light uses 4 pcs white LED as the light source, which enables the 2.1 Round Touch Display to produce a luminance of 300 cd/m2, which can be modified according to customer requirements.

The FPC can be customized according to customer requirements, and the customized content includes shape structure, interface definition, etc.
※. 2.1 Round TFT Lcd※.
※.2.1 Round TFT Display※.
※.2.1 Round Touch Display※.

Chenghao CH210WV01A-CT (Specification)

Model No.


Number of dots


Viewing Direction


TFT Interface

TFT: 3line SPI + 18bit RGB

Display Type


Chenghao CH210WV01A-CT Feature And Application

Chenghao CH210WV01A-CT Details
(1) LCM No. CH210WV01A-CT
(2) Module Name: 480x480 Round Touch Display
(3) LENS OUTLINE: φ71.8×3.65(T) mm
(4) Active Area: φ53.28 mm
(5) Display Mode: IPS / Transmission / Normall Black
(6) Resolution:480x480 IPS lcd module
(7) Display Colors:16M
(8) FPC Pin Number: 40

(9) Black Light: 4 Pcs White LED
(10) TFT Interface Type: 3line SPI + 18bit RGB
(11) Capacitive Interface Type: I2C
(12) TFT Driver IC:ST7701S
(13) CTP Driver IC:CST830
(14) Contrast:800:1
(15) Compliant:ROHS/CE
(16) Manufacturer: Chenghao

(17) Supplier Type: Factory
(18) Warranty: one year
(20)  VIEWING DIRECTION: 80/80/80/80 

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